A sample selection of our work

We offer a full kitchen design, planning & fitting
service along with remodelling, finishing/detailing
and/or repair to your existing structure

Your bedroom should be a place of
calm & relaxation, use colour &
design to give you the haven you deserve

Hallways & Common Areas
Your hallway is often the first thing
visitors see when they enter your home,
let it make the right first impression!

Furniture Refresh
Don't throw it out!
instead, refresh your tired old
furniture with style and panache
to give it new life once more!

Lounges & Dining
Your lounge has to be a place of calm
& relaxation - a luxury haven to
chill out after the rigours of the day

Walls, fences & outbuildings
taken care of to give your garden
that special look to relax in

Exterior Façades & Walls
Highest quality exterior paints will
give you the professional finish that
will make your garden the envy of
the neighbourhood

Windows & Doors
Let us transform your windows &
doors to create a spectacular look to
highlight your exterior façades

Often forgotten about, your stairs
can be a unique feature if treated
properly. Style & elegance can
make a functional aspect of your
home into a showpiece that exudes
quality & attention to detail

Fencing, Decking & Wood
Wood has a timeless quality & beauty
if treated properly & given the care
& attention it deserves, can give
stunning warmth & looks to your
home's interior or exterior